Saturday, February 26, 2011

Space Travel

In 1957 the first journey ever was made in space by the Russian Sputnik. The first man to go into space was a Russian, Joeri Gagarin. He made one orbit around the earth in 1961. Soon he was followed by another Russian, Titov, who stayed a whole day in space. The first American to make an orbit around the earth was John Glenn. His flight in 1962 is remembered very well., because for the first time people around the earth could follow everything through their radios, and hear Glenn’s voice from space.
Since then, all attempts in Russia as well as in America, were directed towards bringing a man on the moon. In 1964 the Russians sent up a spacecraft with three astronauts, and the Americans followed in 1965 with two men. The Russians then tried to bring together two or three spacecraft in space, in order to prepare for a space station. The Americans followed a different line: they tried to develop a better rocket. The result of their effort was that their Apollo spacecraft succeeded in bringing the first man on the moon. He was Neil Armstrong, who set foot on the moon on July 20th, 1969. Millions of people all over the world saw him on TV put that (one small step for a man) that was a giant leap for mankind. After him there were a number of American astronauts who explores the moon, and the Apollo project was finished in 1972

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