Saturday, February 26, 2011


Malaria is one of the most dangerous disease in Indonesia. It is dangerous not because so many people die of it, but because so many people become weak as a result of it. When you have malaria your temperature goes up very fast until 40o C, then lowers again, then goes up again. You may feel better next day, but you get ill again soon, you feel dizzy, sweaty, yawning, and feel weak. All this weakens the body, so that people suffering from malaria get other diseases very easily. Therefore Indonesian doctors do their best to fight malaria. They tell the people in the areas where there is much malaria that they should spray their houses. They also ask the people to clean the dirty pools of water where thousands of mosquitoes are bred.. Not all mosquito spread the disease, but it is difficult to see exactly which mosquito is dangerous, therefore they should all be destroyed as much as possible. In this way hundreds of areas have already been freed from disease, but there are still many areas left where people suffer from malaria. At present the government is trying o free the whole country from the disease, and it will certainly succeed if people cooperate Then what can we do if someone get suffer from malaria? The best treatment for him is he must get much water, fresh fruits and enough food.

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