Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Two very important fuel gases made from petroleum during the refining process. They are butane and propane, which are similar to methane. These gases are sold in small tanks and are used for cigarette lighters, portable welding torches, and camping stoves.

Mixtures of the two gases are stored under pressure as a liquid. For this reason the mixture is called Liquified Petroleum Gas or LPG. As it is used the liquid in the tank evaporates and leaves the tank as gas. The main use of LPG is as a cooking fuel on farms and in small towns where a central gas making plant would not be practical.Instead of piping the gas to the house where it is to be used, a tank of LPG is connected directly to the stove. Because LPG is sold in tanks, it is often called tank gas or bottled gas.
LPG is also used to a small extent to run automobiles and tractors. When the fuel tank is empty, it is replaced by a full one.

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